Home News MNPDC completes National Consultations on NDS 2016-2035 desktop review findings

MNPDC completes National Consultations on NDS 2016-2035 desktop review findings

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THE Ministry of National Planning and Development Coordination (MNPDC) has completed two National Consultation workshops on the National Development Strategy (NDS) 2016-2035 draft base-line assessment report following the completion of desktop review phase at national level.

The Ministry gathers valuable feedbacks from representatives of State-owned Enterprises (SOEs), Development Partners, Non-government Organisations (NGOs), Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) and other stakeholders during a consultation workshop with them on Thursday 10 August 2023 and Government ministries on Friday 11 August 2023.

The two consultation workshops were conducted in order for the Ministry to share the draft base-line assessment report that has been prepared by MNPDC and its technical advisors following the desktop review and information gathering phase at the national level in Honiara between April – July 2023, as part of the NDS review process.

It also provides an opportunity for stakeholders to give their feedbacks to the draft findings.

Giving her opening remarks during a consultation with SOEs and development partners on Thursday last week, MNPDC Permanent Secretary, Ms Susan Sulu reiterated the importance of the review.

Now in its seventh year of implementation, Ms Sulu said the objective of NDS review is to assess the extent to which the NDS has met its objectives, understand the gaps and progress made against the NDS objectives and medium-term strategies, challenges and lessons learnt during implementation and level of investments against the NDS.

Ms Sulu also acknowledged stakeholders and development partners for their insights, shared data and information as well as shared experience towards the baseline assessment report during the desktop review consultations.

MNPDC Deputy Secretary – Program Development Coordination & Monitoring, Roy Mae acknowledged participants for their contributions, and said the Ministry received valuable feedbacks during the two workshops which will assist the Ministry in compiling a comprehensive NDS 2016-2035 review final report.

Mr Mae said Provincial consultations at the community and ward levels are expected to be rolled out as of this week. He adds, a validation workshop is expected to be held later next month (September) to ensure that the final NDS Review report is comprehensive and meets the expected outcome.

During the two workshops, participants share their thoughts about the draft findings, identify inaccuracies or incomplete information in the draft base-line assessment report, identify other sources of information on progress, key challenges and lessons learnt, as well as share success stories.

The draft assessment report consolidates existing information to provide a common understanding and overview of progress made against NDS objectives. It provides a starting point that is expected to be built on through inputs derived from these two national consultations as well as the upcoming provincial consultations.

The NDS review process is guided by an Advisory Committee that provides oversight over the review process as well as to offer advice and guidance on how the review is being undertaken.

The final NDS 2016-2035 review report is expected to be completed and ready for launch by October, 2023.

MNPDC DS Program Development Coordination & Monitoring, Mr Mae also acknowledged the New Zealand Government through the New Zealand High Commission in Honiara and United Nations Development Program (UNDP) through the Governance for Resilient Development (Gov4Res) Project for supporting the NDS review exercise.

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