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MK Local Foods Delivery Business Launches in Partnership with Australia

Caption: Australian High Commissioner, Rod Hilton serves food during a traditional food demonstration.
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Local fresh produce and motu delivery business, MK Local Foods has officially opened with the support of Australia’s Strongim Bisnis program.

The local food delivery business is an initiative of Ms Debbie Lukisi who got the idea during COVID-19 lockdowns set up a mobile market business that could deliver high quality fresh produce and motu to Honiara while generating economic opportunities for up to 300 suppliers from communities in Northeast Guadalcanal.

“During the COVID lockdown many members of my community, Numbu, lost their income due to the restrictions that prevented them from being able to travel to Honiara and the Central Market. At the time supplies of fresh produce in Honiara were very limited.

“I saw an opportunity to give Honiara easy access to fresh produce and motu while supporting my community in North East Guadalcanal with an opportunity to earn some selen,” Ms Lukisi said.

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Following on from the success of the mobile market, Debbie partnered with Strongim Bisnis to strengthen the management of MK Local Foods’ suppliers, diversify the fresh produce on offer, create better economic opportunities for farmers in Northeast Guadalcanal and develop MK Local Foods’ brand and marketing capacity.

Strongim Bisnis also partnered with MK Local Foods and Dignity Pasifik to deliver both basic business skills and farming training to North East Guadalcanal community members with a special focus on engaging youth and women.

“I want to thank the Australian Government, who through Strongim Bisnis, helped me to provide opportunities to my community to earn money and to strengthen my business,” Ms Lukisi said.

Permanent Secretary for the Ministry of Women, Youth, Children and Family Affairs, Dr Cedric Alependava praised Debbie’s entrepreneurial drive and vision while thanking Australia for its support of Women’s Economic Empowerment.

“Debbie Lukisi is a champion of women’s economic empowerment; MK Local Foods is not only providing good kaikai to Honiara but also economic opportunities for men and especially women in rural areas,” PS Alependava said.

“On behalf of the Government I want to say thank you Debbie and thank you to the Australian Government for your partnership,” PS Alependava said.

Speaking at the launch this week Australian High Commissioner, Rod Hilton congratulated Ms Lukisi on officially opening MK Local Foods café and store and reiterated Australia’s strong support for Solomon Islands’ businesses that could generate more jobs for Solomon Islanders.

“Congratulations Debbie on your hard work to make MK Local Foods a reality. Australia is happy to partner with you to provide better economic opportunities for communities in Northeast Guadalcanal.

The High Commissioner said it was fantastic to hear that MK Local Foods customers are not limited to Honiara residents but also include Solomon Islanders living overseas, including many who are engaged in labour mobility work in Australia who are now using MK Local Foods to purchase food for their families that can be delivered to them in Honiara.

“Australia is proud to be Solomon Islands number one partner, friend and family,” Mr Hilton said.

Strongim Bisnis, Women’s Economic Empowerment and Social Inclusion Advisor, Ms Grace Hilly, also hailed Ms Lukisi’s entrepreneurial drive and commitment to her community.

“We first became aware of Debbie’s mobile market during the lockdown and it was clear from the start that MK Local Foods was a great fit to partner with Strongim Bisnis.

“Strongim Bisnis has been very happy to work with Debbie to strengthen her business and continue to engage women, youth and people with disabilities as suppliers of MK Local Foods,” she said.


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