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MFMR and IPAM successfully complete training for fisheries officers

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Honiara, 30 Oct 2023: The Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources, in collaboration with the Institute of Public Administration and Management (IPAM), recently conducted a comprehensive workshop for its officers. The workshop, which spanned five days, covered essential topics, including “Knowing Your Public Service” and the “Code of Conduct.” At the culmination of the training, participants were awarded two distinct certificates to mark their successful completion.

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Funded by the World Bank through its PROPER Project, this training initiative holds paramount importance as it serves as a prerequisite for staff members currently on probation within the Ministry. The goal is to ensure that all staff members are well-versed in the fundamentals of public service and adhere to the established code of conduct.

Mr. Hubert Gua, the Human Resources Manager of the Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources, highlighted that this workshop marked the third of its kind, organized by the Ministry. The primary focus this year is to align the training with the needs of MFMR officers, emphasizing the completion of mandatory induction courses provided by IPAM. The “Knowing Your Public Service” in-house course aims to equip both longstanding and new public officers within MFMR with a comprehensive understanding of the government’s holistic operations, including its roles, processes, and procedures.

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Mr. Gua also revealed that due to limited number of slots available for officers to attend IPAM courses, many were unable to participate. He plans to hold more training programs in the near future to ensure more participation given the importance of these trainings for effectively service delivery in the public sector..

Mr Gua also reiterated that the training perfectly aligned with the Ministry’s restructuring efforts, where newly recruited staff members are equipped with the necessary concepts of the public service. Even field personnel were given the opportunity to participate in the workshop, emphasizing the broad applicability of the knowledge imparted.

“Both old and newly recruited staff members need to undergo this training, increasing the chances for all to attend and complete it,” Mr. Gua added. This comprehensive workshop not only enhances the skills and understanding of MFMR officers but also streamlines the selection process for nominees in subsequent years.

Furthermore, the training serves as a prerequisite for those who aspire to undertake long-term training opportunities, reinforcing its importance in the career development of Ministry personnel.

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