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Meet Margaret, the mother of “our golden girl”

Jenlyn and her mother Margaret yesterday
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As Jenlyn Wini made her last glorious attempt lift there was one woman in the crowd that fixed her eyes unmoved on “our golden girl” in the Maranatha Hall yesterday.

Fighting emotions and tears of glory on seeing her daughter powered her way to the top and bagged the country’s first three gold medals was Margaret Maeto. Margaret is Jenlyn’s mother who for the first time saw her daughter scooped gold on home soil.


Achieving such feat is astonishing and to see it unfolded in front of her very eyes especially at home was priceless. Margaret’s feeling of pride and achievement was indescribable; she could only summed it up in her native Lau language in four words, nau ku ele asiana, meaning, “I am so excited,” but it entails more than just the few words.

Her excitement was rounded with an already readied Lau song for the golden party telling everyone to give space for her to move on, literally it means it’s Jenlyn’s time and space, move on let’s party. In the Lau culture there’s a song for an occasion and that tune was fitting for the spirit of the golden time.

“It was a mixed feeling today,” said one relative, expressing the view that the golden girl’s father was not around to see her momentous occasion as he had already gone to be with the Lord.

Speaking about her daughter’s achievement, Margaret said it’s a very special occasion to her and her entire family to see Jenlyn won the medals.

Though she’s getting used to seeing her daughter’s accomplishments on a TV screen or even on social media, yesterday’s feat was very special.

“Yes I am very happy to see her win the medals at home in front of our eyes,” she said.

She added whatever Jenlyn achieved is always for the country and she’s proud of her daughter’s contributions.

“For the family, we are always proud of her achievements,” she added.

Even Jenlyn admitted that it was very emotional wining in front of her relatives especially in the presence of her mother.

Jenlyn’s greatest achievement yesterday only a day after she carried the national flag at the opening on Sunday night as “our flag bearer” has made her one of the most successful athletes of our time.

Jenlyn lifted her way to glory with a total of 190 kg, 82 kg in the snatch and 108 kg in the Clean and Jerk category.

Besides her regional honours she’s also a Commonwealth medallist.


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