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Meat workers get training before heading to work in Australia

Trainer Clive Richardson and local workers for the meat industry in Australia.
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For Solomon Islanders like Joseph Dolangania, the chance to work in the meat industry in Australia brings both excitement and uncertainty.


Much of the uncertainty lies around the lack of exposure in the industry here in the country, particularly on the challenges and what to expect when there.

With the assistance of the Australia Pacific Training Coalition (APTC) Mr. Dolangania is among Solomon Islands workers who have received training from experts from the meat industry in Honiara before being deployed to work in Australia.

He is excited at the opportunity to work in Australia under the Pacific Australia Labour Mobility (PALM) Scheme.

Despite having a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of South Pacific (USP) finding work has been a challenge for Mr Dolangania and he has welcomed the opportunity to work in Australia under PALM.

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Mr. Dolangania said the training is important as it helps prepare them on what to expect when working in the meat sector in Australia, the use of tools such as knives and how to behave at work.

  One of the trainers, Clive Richardson is part of the National Meat Industry Training Council and has been in the meat industry for nearly 40 year.

Mr. Richardson said they have been training young Solomon Islanders, both men and women who have been going to work in the meat processing industry all over Australia.

He said the training covers a number of things, among which is to get these workers used to the terminologies used in the Industry.

“The Language used in Work Place, hygiene requirements, safety requirements and communication,” Mr. Richardson added.


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