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Manetiva voted out again, 2nd time in his absence


Premier of Central Province Stanley Manetiva was voted out again this morning in the second motion of no confidence against him in less than 30 days—in another dramatic day as he and his supporters didn’t make it to the assembly.

Speaker of the CIP Assembly Francis Moah confirmed to SBMOnline that they had met today after fulfilling all the requirements as ordered by the Attorney-General’s Chamber and the motion was moved and voted on with all eight MPAs’ voting in favour and none against.

He said the seven days’ requirement before the motion was debated and the eight MPAs’ majority were satisfied so they went ahead with the motion today.


Moah confirmed that as a result, Manetiva was voted out.

However, Manetiva and his supporters had accused the Speaker and the Clerk for lack of neutrality and not providing them with transport.

Manetiva acknowledged that unlike before all the requirements were met except that they were not given the opportunity to attend.

Through his MPAs, Manetiva and his five members had asked the Speaker to delay the meeting for the afternoon or next week to allow for the rest of his team to arrive in Tulagi.

“I had called the deputy speaker to advise the speaker to delay the meeting but they didn’t listen to us,” said South East Gella MPA Stanley Pahumala.

He made it only this morning just before the meeting started so he could not attend.

Also, another MPA, who supports Manetiva, Celestine Pasalu, said he arrived in Tulagi this morning from Honiara and was late for the meeting.

“I also asked the deputy speaker to move the meeting but he didn’t do it as well,” he said.

Both MPAs’ said they were prepared to attend today’s meeting to defend the allegations against them as claimed in the motion.

Manetiva said it was unfortunate that they were denied the chance to answer the allegations as the chamber was the rightful place to debate the issues.

He said the reality in numbers was they have five and the other side has eight but they should be given the chance to clear their side of story.

All the MPAs’ say even in Tulagi they were not given clear instructions as to how they would be transported from their accommodation into the meeting chamber given the distance from the latter to where they are housed is far.

“It was obvious that the Speaker and Clerk were only worried about the eight not us,” said one of the MPAs.

But Speaker Moah said sufficient information of the meeting was distributed to all those who concerned including the MPAs’ of both sides.

He said he had to delay the meeting for one hour until 10am before they began to allow for the MPAs to attend but they didn’t show up.


According to Moah, nomination for premier will open on Monday 9am for 48 hours, closing on Wednesday morning before the election takes place.

He said this is to allow for two clear working days.


On the 30th May a motion of no confidence was filed against the premier. A day later, the Speaker received letter signed by absolute majority of seven MPAs calling for the assembly to meet to debate the motion. The CIP Assembly set 7th of June as the date for the MONC against Manetiva. The motion was moved and voted on with eight voting in support. On the 8th of June a new premier Polycarp Galaigu was elected with eight MPAs.

Moah said he used standing order 58 to call for the meeting after the seven MPAs’ signed the letter as the premier was running the government with a minority of 5 ministers.

Minister of Provincial Government and Institutional Strengthening, Rollen Seleso said that based on the AG’s advice, the motion failed to meet the seven clear days’ requirement and it was called by seven MPAs’ as the absolute majority when eight was required. He refused to accept the new premier.

Seleso said considering the million dollars forgone by the people of Central Province in this political wrangling, “I strongly advice that the MPAs’ sit and find a quick solution.”


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