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Maneniaru: No Province should be left behind

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CHAIRMAN of the Bills and Legislative Committee, Honourable John Maneniaru, has raised a significant concern regarding the omission of Western and Choiseul Provinces under Government’s Provincial Government Amendment Bill.

Speaking in Parliament today, Honourable Maneniaru emphasized the importance of ensuring that no provinces are left behind.

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Hon Maneniaru said the objective of aligning Provincial and Honiara city elections with National elections cannot be fully achieved if it only applies to a select few provinces.

Regrettably, he said according to the current Bill, only seven provinces are synchronized with the National elections.

He said it is worrying and demands immediate attention.

Honourable Maneniaru argued that the reasons given by the minister are insufficient.

“If the government truly prioritizes national unity in elections, then it must strive to achieve this goal at all costs. Failure to include Western and Choiseul Provinces in this amendment bill would undermine any advantages it brings and compromise its noble purpose, thereby falling short of its true potential at the national level,” he said.

Hon Maneniaru if Western and Choiseul provinces are excluded from this bill, it becomes evident that it fails to serve its purpose effectively.


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