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Malaita REJCTS 27 towers as part of 161-tower-rollout

PS Virivolomo
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Malaita Province has rejected offer by the government to build 27 towers in the province as part of its 161 tower plan rollout to be funded by a loan from China.

Permanent Secretary of Communication and Aviation exclusively told SBMOnline that all the provinces have accepted the mounting of towers in their provinces except for Malaita.

Malaita’s decision was based on the fact that it will not accept any projects funded by China or to be built by a Chinese company in the province.

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Malaita Province stands by its Auki Communique barring any Chinese funded projects or companies on the island.

“We have tried our best to convince them but they’re not allowing us to build those towers there,” Virivolomo said.

He said the province has until next month to make up its mind and they are prepared to rollout the towers once they agreed to it.

Virivolomo confirmed that 27 towers were earmarked for Malaita.

The Government has secured a loan of USD65m for the building of 161 towers across the country to ease communication. The loan from PRC will see Huawei constructing the towers.

A spokesman from Malaita Provincial Government has confirmed that it is true that the government had rejected the offer.

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