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Malaita Must Bow to China: Beijing Orders PMO

Beijing has allegedly ordered the PM Office to make sure that Malaita bows down to China. This has been revealed by insiders familiar with the matter.

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Malaita Province both the people and the provincial government has been very clear and outstanding in its stance against Communist China, refusing any communist value system including ideology tied with aid and investment in the Province.

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This has been an embarrassment for Sogavare and his OUR Party which is trying to copy the Communist Party and make Solomon Islands a one party state.

The insider said “the switch to China in Cabinet was a good example of this approach. Sogavare insisted that there was only one choice in the vote – “a yes to China”. And when some of the Cabinet abstained, he sacked them. It is clear that he wants the Provinces to be the same – no right, no disagreement. It is like he wants to be a dictator.”

“Communist China is a dictatorship and they don’t believe in any rights. So they completely disagree with Malaita people showing their own mind. They are insisting that Sogavare must show he is following their desires. Therefore, he must force Malaita to bow to China,” the insider explained.

This clear order is why the PM sent OUR PARTY MPs to Auki in order to change Mala people’s mind. Unfortunately, it did not work out this way, and the MPs including officials from PMO part of the delegation were publicly shamed in Auki Market. So now reports indicate that China is ordering OUR Party to find other dirty tricks to remove the Premier and/or dissolve the Malaita Provincial Assembly.

Another insider close to the China Communist Party in Solomon Islands said “the Sogavare led government is under China’s influence, and Malaita is under Solomon Islands. Therefore, Malaita must bend its knee to China, and to our leader Xi. Afterall, PM Sogavare already bows down to Xi, why not Malaita Province and its people?”.

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