Maelanga speaking today
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Acting Prime Minister Hon. Manasseh Maelanga has acknowledged Isabel Province for its immense contributions towards nation building prior to and after Independence.

Speaking at celebrations marking Isabel Province’s 2nd Appointed Day in Honiara today, Mr Maelanga conveyed greetings to the Premier and Provincial Executive and the people of Isabel Province, saying “Past and Present National Governments continue to hold high regard for the immense contributions that Isabel Province provided to our country in our nation building process.

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He said Isabel’s contribution of its natural and human resources towards building our nation is a testament of its endless contributions to our country.

“For this, I salute you and wish to pay respect to your past and present leaders for their vision to help build our Happy Isles as well as your province in our strive towards economic growth,” Maelanga said.

Isabel Province is blessed with abundance of natural resources such as rich marine and fisheries grounds, forestry, fertile agricultural land and minerals.

“You are one of the biggest suppliers of marine and fisheries food to our domestic market in Honiara. You are the pioneer in our Kava industry and other agricultural crops. Your mineral resources once sustainably harvested will contribute significantly to our exports, which will help our country, your province and its people,” Maelanga said.

He assured the gathering that the National Government remains committed to ensure the country bounces back from the recent challenges and continue on with our aspirations to create a stronger and better country for our present and future generations.

Maelanga highlighted that the National Government remains committed to improve the performance of Provincial Governments through schemes such as the Provincial Capacity Development Fund (PCDF), which is administered by the Ministry of Provincial Government and Institutional Strengthening.

In addition, the National Government remains committed to ensuring social services such as health and education reached our rural communities regardless of the many challenges that hit hard on our economy.

Furthermore, Maelanga said the National Government remains committed to partner with faith based organisations, traditional and cultural institutions such as Houses of Chiefs, Churches, Women and Youth Organisations to ensure we work together to achieve mutual benefits for everyone including women, youth and those that are physically challenged in our communities.

The Acting Prime Minister congratulated the Isabel Staff and Students of SINU and other elite Isabelians for organizing a panel discussion in the programme on how to develop Isabel Province.

“These are the kinds of initiatives that are important to educate our people on the development pathway that is suitable, affordable and sustainable for Isabel Province and all other Provinces in our country,” he said, adding that the panel discussion sets a platform for Isabel Elites and Academics to share views and experiences on the appropriate development models that fits the Province.

Guests at the celebration included the Governor General His Excellency Sir David and Lady Mary Vunagi, SINU Vice Chancellor, Professor Transform Aqorau and other dignitaries and elites from Isabel Province.


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