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Lunga community launches by-law  

Personnel from the Multi-national Police Support Group attend a celebration to introduce Community Bylaws in Lungga on 10 July 2022.

The Lunga community east of Honiara launched their community By-Law on 10 July 2022.

This has happened with the help of Australian and Fiji Military community engagement officers supporting Guadalcanal Police.



Operation Manager, Guadalcanal Police, Superintendent Edwin Sevoa says, “ I explained to the Committee and the audience that we RSIPF have a goal and that is to work in partnership with the communities for a safe, secure environment within the Solomon Islands.”

Sevoa says, “I have looked through the Bye-Law and also explained it to the people about all the offences within the Bye-Law so that they have clear understanding on it.”

He says, “I   appeal to the community at Lunga to take ownership of the Bye-law and respect it. Police will continue to support you in order to effectively implement your Bye-Law so that they can enjoy and live in a safe, secured and peaceful community within Lunga.”

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