Home Business Langston appointed by WPG as their rep in Soltuna board of directors

Langston appointed by WPG as their rep in Soltuna board of directors

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The Western Provincial Government has appointed Tony Langston as it’s representative to the Soltuna board of directors.

The appointment becomes effective as from 2/3/23 running for 4 years. In supporting Mr Langstons’ appointment, the Premier of WPG , Hon Billy Veo said ” the WPG executive is very optimistic that with your vast knowledge and experience in the banking sector as well as your standing as a local, an entrepreneur and a participant in the economic development in the Western Province you would fairly represent the WPG views in all Soltuna board meetings and deliberations. I take this opportunity to congratulate you on this very important appointment”.

In acknowledging his appointment, Mr Langston said he was humbled to be offered the responsibility and assures the WPG and the other shareholders that he will serve their interest well during his term in the Soltuna Limited board.

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The WPG has minority shares stakes in the Soltuna venture together with Tri-Marine International of singapore and Solomon Islands National Provident Fund.

Tony Langston comes from Munda, Western Province.

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