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Labour mobility hits new record of more than 4,000 workers

File photo: Solomon Islanders before leaving for work in Australia
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The labour mobility programme has hit new record with the government announcing that it has now gone past the 4,000 mark with newest projection expected to hit 5,000 by the end of the year.

Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Collin Beck told journalists today that: “We have already gone past the 4,000 mark.”

He continues: “We are projection to got past 5,000 by December.”

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Beck said work on this is going in the right direction with a lot of interest.

He said the challenges they face now are positive challenges, like the process of dealing with passports.

In addressing that the government has moved to allocate Monday, Wednesday and Friday as days only dedicated to deal with passport for those applying for seasonal work.

Beck said it is a legal document for our “people” adding we need to manage it within our capabilities.”

On why our numbers are increasing? Beck said it is basically because “our workers have built a good reputation.”

“We have built a brand about responsibility, commitment, dedication and courteous with the employers. Of course there are one or two issues but they don’t affect the general reputation of everyone,” Beck said.

Meanwhile he also reiterated that the remittances for last year was $215m most of it from the seasonal workers.

The latest seasonal workers have flown to Australia and New Zealand this week.


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