Home Politics Gov’ts management of electoral reforms neglectful: Wale

Gov’ts management of electoral reforms neglectful: Wale

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LEADER of Opposition Hon Matthew Wale says Government’s management of electoral reforms has been neglectful.

Speaking today in Parliament on the Electoral Amendment Bill 2023, Hon Wale said the Government has left these important amendments to the very last minute.

He said this was also the case in the last House when the current Electoral Act 2018 came to Parliament.

The Opposition Leader said it came at the last sitting of the last House and because of its lateness only minor changes can be made to the Bill.

“This is not good especially when we are dealing with important reforms that are critical to the proper functioning of our democracy,” he said.

Hon Wale said it is unfortunate that these electoral reforms are moving too slowly.

He said it is important that elections must happen smoothly and that any Government at the beginning on each term must prioritise such reforms so that proper legislative actions can be taken.


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