Home Local News “Flags have also become symbols of resistance and disunity”

“Flags have also become symbols of resistance and disunity”

The national flag flying high at the Unity Square this morning.
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Premier Sade underscores importance of national flag

Guadalcanal Premier David Sade has warned those who attended the commissioning of the Unity Square which hosts a huge Solomon Islands flags have also become symbols of resistance and disunity.

The Unity Square which was commissioned this morning in Honiara has been described by Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare as a symbol of unity in diversity. It stands at 50 Meters and weighs approximately 12 tonnes, with the flag measuring 15 meters in length and 7.5 meters in height.

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Speaking on behalf of the provincial premiers, Sade whose speech has been widely commended by those who attended including the Prime Minister has cautioned that: “In talking about flags, it is worth noting that they have also become symbols of resistance and disunity. So if we as Solomon Islanders become disunited, this flag will become nothing more than a piece of cloth. It is up to us to breathe mana, soul, life and power into the flag.”

“As we all know, flags have become the emblem of nation-states. It is fascinating how a colored piece of cloth assumes so much symbolism and power. But it is important to note that the piece of cloth alone does not have power. It is we the people who breathe soul, life and power into the flag. So the unity that we seek is not embodied in the flag itself. Rather, it is embodied in us, the people. That flag is a representation of our unity. So, as we celebrate the construction of this Unity Square and the large flag that it carries, and as we see the flag when we leave or come into Honiara, let us always remember that it merely represents our unity,” the premier said.


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