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ECMT training for SSEC members starts in Noro

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A Two-Week Evacuation Centre Management Training (ECMT) for selected individuals of the South Sea Evangelical Church (SSEC) in Noro,Western Province, has commenced today (Monday 4th) of December and will conclude on December 14, 2023.

The training is held at the Noro SSEC Church and organised by ADRA Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) Project.

The primary objective of the ECMT was to identify volunteer representatives from this church with an aim to empower these individual volunteers as part of Disaster Ready to be prepared during disaster and to establish a committee to lead and manage their facilities if there’s any disasters occurring in their community.

The key workshop outcomes of this training are include:

⦁                Informed Decision-Making: Communities and leaders will acquire the knowledge and skills needed to make informed decisions regarding disaster preparedness and responses.

⦁                Evacuation Center Committees: Communities will establish evacuation center committees tailored to their specific needs.

⦁                Procedural Development: Participants will develop evacuation center procedures and plans unique to each community.

⦁                Disaster Response Planning: Communities will create Disaster Response plans to effectively address emergencies.

⦁                Community Profiles: Participants will develop comprehensive community profiles for each respective community.

Funding for the program is provided by Australia Aid through the Department of Foreign Affairs (DEFAT) via the Australia Humanitarian Partnership (AHP). The implementation of the program is carried out by CANDO partners, with ADRA Solomon Islands serving as the lead agency.

The training is facilitated by ADRA Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) Project Coordinator, Duran Taupongi , and Project Officer, Leslie Molea, with support from CANDO Volunteers of SSEC and Anglican representatives.

Taupongi, ADRA Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) Project Coordinator said that Fourteen (14 )participants have attended the ECMT training.

He said, participants would establish a 14-member committee to oversee project matters inclusively. This committee will empower communities to autonomously manage their facilities during disasters.

Taupongi said the training would equip participants with the skills necessary to develop their Disaster Response Plan, Evacuation Center Management Plan, and Mitigation Plan.

– ADRA Press Release

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