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Djokovic: Don’t vote them back in the next election

COS Djokovic, right. Photo: SIBC Online
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Chief of Staff Robson Djokovic says there is law to deal with MPs’ who may not be accountable with the Economic Stimulate Package (EPS) funding with their constituents – and another option is not to vote them back in the next election.

Djokovic was responding to a question from a journalist yesterday during a press conference on the ESP, which the reporter raised a concern on what they (ESP Committee) would to the MPs’ in the event they abuse the funds that were allocated to them under ESP?

In his response, Djokovic says: “Law hem stap (there is law) and nara option too no votem ota back lo nara election (don’t vote them back in the next election.”

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In addition, the Permanent Secretary of Finance McKinnie Dentana said everybody has the right to take up any case against them.

Both Djokovic and Dentana confirmed yesterday that each MP was given $600,000 under ESP after they submitted proposals as requirements before the funds were released.

Members of the ESP were grilled by the media yesterday and though they had not fully answered the questions they were able to shed some light into the controversial ESP which has been dominating both the social and mainstream media discussions.

Meanwhile when asked if they would be monitoring the recipients of the ESP, Djokovic said they will be monitored.

“The important thing is they have signed and they will be monitored. Anyone who uses the fund for wrong purposes or different or misuse— public will be informed because it is public funds, everything will be accounted for,” he said.

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