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Driver was drunk & a sleep when he hit me with three children in his car, claims bus driver

The damaged bus.
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The driver whose bus was hit this morning by a Government vehicle claimed the driver was drunk and fell a sleep resulting in him directly crashed into his bus— and surprisingly with three children in the vehicle.

“My conductor and I were heading towards Vura in the straight stretch of road. We were heading up and the driver was coming down. From a distance he was driving on his lane NOT until he went pass Jasmin store point when he cut into our lane at full speed. He gave us no opportunity to escape and as a result he hit me straight from on the right side of the bus and where I was sitting,” the driver, Jackson Sogate’e told SBMOnline.

“Luckily, I had to jump from the seat otherwise I would be badly injured,” said Sogate’e who is the driver of the 30-seater-bus.

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He claimed that he got off the bus and went straight to the driver who admitted to him that he was drunk and was a sleep when the accident happened.

Sogate’e said what surprised him the most was at the back of the vehicle were three children and one of them way crying restlessly following the collision.

“Everyone who were there saw what happened,” he said.

“I tried my best to avoid the accident but I can’t as the government vehicle was running too fast towards our bus,” he said.

Owner of the vehicle Leslie Piva said his vehicle has sustained massive damage as a result of the accident caused by a drunken public officer.

“I don’t want to spoil the government but want the public to know that the driver was drunk and was driving a state owned vehicle,” he said.

The RSIPF Media Unit confirmed that police are investigating the case saying it would give further details of the incident.

SBMOnline could not talk to the driver of the G vehicle as he was already taken to police custody.

Sogate’e and his boss also supplied a photo of a canned beer found in the car after the accident.

The bus driver also claims that the G-plated vehicle belongs to MID.


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