Home News Dead body found floating in Noro in WP

Dead body found floating in Noro in WP

Noro Town in WP where the dead boat was found floating. Photo: google.
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The Royal Solomon Islands Police Force (RSIPF) calls on members of the public at Noro and surrounding communities to help identify the dead body of an adult male person discovered floating at sea in the Kokosu area of Noro Township this morning (2 February 2021).

Supervising Provincial Police Commander (PPC) Western Province, Inspector Wilken Miriki says, “The dead body was discovered at about 7 am this morning (2 February 2021) and was reported to police at Noro. Police officers have removed the body from where it was discovered and allowed members of the public to identify the person but so far no one has identified him.”

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“The dead person was wearing a purple rugby jersey shirt with the writing, ‘Lightening Sunshine Coast’ printed on the front. The deceased is about five feet tall. Currently the body is at the Noro Community Hall for identification.”

Inspector Miriki says. “Police investigators are working hard behind the scene to look at the possible cause of death. An inquiry file has been opened and I appeal to anyone who may have information to assist police.”

“It is a sad incident and my condolence to the family members of the deceased as we try to identify the dead body. I call on anyone whose relative has not turned up at home since last week to come and identify the body.”

Police at Noro is also trying to get a doctor to examine the dead body to assist the investigation into the possible cause of death.


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