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COVID-19 contractors, suppliers exaggerate bills to milk government

Dentana, left, during the programme yesterday.
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It has been revealed that some contractors and suppliers are exaggerating their bills to the government under COVID-19 which puts pressure on government’s limited finances. Besides these people, the permanent secretary of finance McKinne Dentana also signaled out that there is also pressure from certain people who are demanding allowances even though they are not eligible.

He said the actions of these people has put pressure on the government’s limited financial resources.

“People are using the situation to take advantage of the financial situation and it has cost the government. Cost of supplier (for COVID-19) is exaggerated, cost of contract is exaggerated. On cost of allowances, there are people who should not take allowances but also claim allowances as well. These has put pressure on very limited government finances.

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“It is a health situation. We must not take advantage of the situation to put pressure on limited government resources,” said the permanent secretary.

Dentana, speaking during the weekly government updates on COVID-19 yesterday, said he had already issued a circular to all ministries to protect government revenue until the end of this year as there there will be some new additional expenses especially on quarantine.

According to the PS, priority spending will be on COVID-19 related commitments.

He appeals to COVID-19 contractors, suppliers and those who claim allowances not to put pressure on the limited resources as the government is committed to settling its commitments.

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