Home News CAUSE builds new footbridge for Verahoai Community at Kakabona

CAUSE builds new footbridge for Verahoai Community at Kakabona

The newly built bridge
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A new footbridge has recently completed at Verahoai community of Kakabona in the West of Honiara.

The community identified the need as most times during rainy season water always running higher denying the vulnerable people especially women and children accessibility.

A group of women spoken to said it is a blessing for the community as most times during the bad weather it denies them to cross to the other side to access services in town. With the new footbridge now in their door steps it will certainly improves the community daily activities and also school children attending Reilonga Primary school in the area.

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The construction of the footbridge is supervised by technical staff of the project with labourers from the community. It took the project only a month to complete it.

Funding for the project comes from AusAID and World Bank.

CAUSE Project is government initiative project implemented by the City Council and the Ministry of Infrastructure Development.


  • CAUSE Press Release

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