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Call for Voluntarily Evacuation

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The National Emergency Operation Center Would like to advise the People who are living in the Low lying areas to evacuate to safe locations if need to. Due to the existing Trough lies over Solomon Islands and links to a Low pressure system Located Northeast of Malaita, Heavy rain will continue and there could be more flooding which will lead to severe impacts. Due to the continuous Heavy down pour of the rain, Flood waters will rise and rushes through streams and tunnels which further threatens the existence of Lives and properties in the vulnerable areas. Therefore voluntarily evacuation is encourage for the people who lives in the most Vulnerable areas.


The NEOC also considers that if you have to move your family to the safe location, please do it during the day and do it while you still can. Move your family with basic items that you can use to survive with your family in your safe areas. The examples of the basic Items are

  1. Foods

  2. Drinking Water

  3. Clothes

  4. Blankets

  5. Matches

  6. Lights/Solar/Kerosene

  7. Firewood

Or any other items you think it is important for you to survive with, with your family until the situation is normal again. Just take what is most important!!

If you have problem with evacuation, Please call your nearest Police station or call the following Numbers, 955/999

The National Emergency Operation Center is on standby to Support the Provincial Emergency Operation Centers including for the Guadalcanal Province. Please report any impacts to your respective Provincial Emergency Operation Center and Police station.

Call 933 for weather information, 977 for Marine Search Rescue and 955 for Impacts


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