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Aviation Sector to Receive Improved Training and Support

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An analysis of the training needs in the nation’s aviation sector began this week under the World Bank supported Solomon Islands Roads and Aviation Project (SIRAP).

The government has engaged an international specialist who arrived this week to undertake a training needs assessment with the Ministry of Communication and Aviation (MCA), the Civil Aviation Authority of Solomon Islands (CAASI), Solomon Islands Airport Corporation Limited (SIACL), and Solomon Airlines. The specialist will meet with participants from across the sector, from the policy level to staff involved in airport operations, technical services, air traffic, rescue, fire, and aviation security.

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This training needs analysis is a first step in creating a strategy to prioritise funds and resources, and to ensure ongoing skills development for operational and regulatory personnel.

The specialist, Florence Chanel, is reviewing all training plans held by MCA, CAASI, SIACL, and Solomon Airlines, to ascertain how they comply with international and state requirements. She will also identify any gaps and recommend areas where more training may be required.

The outcomes of the training needs assessment will support the overall strengthening of the aviation sector to make air travel and transport safer, more efficient and more reliable.

Now in its second phase, the US$89 million Second Solomon Islands Roads and Aviation Project is working to improve the Solomon Islands aviation sector while also delivering important upgrades to selected roads and bridges across the country.


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