Home News Australia to provide 2 mobile morgues to store COVID-19 related deaths

Australia to provide 2 mobile morgues to store COVID-19 related deaths

PS McNeil
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Australia will provide two mobile morgues to supplement the old mortuary at the National Referral Hospital to store dead bodies relating to COVID-19.

Permanent Secretary of Health and Medical Services Pauline McNeil told last Sunday’s radio-talkback show on COVID-19 that they were expecting two mobile morgues from Australia to support the capacity of the NRH.

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Chief Executive Officer of NRH Dr. George Malefoasi confirmed that the old morgue which has six chambers would be used for deaths relating to COVID-19.

He further stated that the new morgue was also full to capacity of 15 spaces and would be used for other deaths at the hospital.

On government policy regarding COVID-19 deaths and funeral, Secretary to the Prime Minister Dr. Jimmy Rodgers said the policy is for anyone with COVID or passes away with COVID is there will be no church funerals.

He said the body will be sealed at the hospital and taken to the gravesite for burial which would be supervised by officials from the Ministry of Health.

Dr Rodgers said the number of people allowed during funeral must not exceed 10.

“It’s sad that we’ll not be together to farewell a loved one at this time,” he said.


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