An increasing sense of optimism for developments promised for Malaita Province and for the Solomon Islands as a whole

One normally associates old age with aching bones, and I have my share of those and perhaps a sense of detachment from life and events goings on in the wider world.

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I count myself lucky for I am still able to look back clearly over time and witnessed how the Solomon Islands has struggled for development gains and infrastructure to take the country forward. But I now have a brighter outlook

It is in the context of a brighter outlook that I believe I am witnessing the start of real change for the better for the people of Malaita. I say this especially because of what has recently been promised by the Solomon Islands Minister of Finance, the Hon Henry Kuma in his budget speech to parliament and also the promises made by the. Prime Minister, the Hon. Manasseh Sogavare, when he spoke at the Business Excellence Award (BEA event.

I have noted, too, the Malaita Province Premier, the Hon, Daniel Suidani, has applauded the national government for announcing development plans for Bina Harbour and for the proposed processing plant as top priorities in the 2020 budget.

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In addressing parliament, Minister Kuma had highlighted that the Bina Harbour project and other key Malaita project would be seriously implemented by the Democratic Coalition Government for Advancement (DCGA) government in 2020.

Mr Suidani said the announcement was welcoming news for the people of Malaita province as the people need developments since they had been waiting for a very long time,

Prime Minister Sogavare told his audience at the BEA event that the proposed Bina Harbour project would be a “game changer”

He further announced that the Bina Harbour project would be boosted with the support of various donor partners, including the International Finance Corporation and the New Zealand Government.

He also said the Australian Government was assisting with the a hydrographic study and the United States of America had indicated their interest as well,”

In further good news which augers well for Malaita,Minister Kuma reportedly told parliament that, “While feasibility studies and assessments are progressed at the Bina Harbour, the first phase of major maintenance and rehabilitation work of South road and bridges from Auki township leading to Bina Harbour would commence construction around the second half of 2020,”

He commented that would draw on the financing agreement the government had secured with the World Bank Group called the Solomon Islands Road and Aviation Project (SIRAP)

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I suppose, in ending, it is fair to say that getting old is not something that I am much concerned with when the promise of encouraging events are afoot.

Yours sincerely

Frank Short

What you think?

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