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63 enterprise companies launched in West Guadalcanal

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Member of Parliament for West Guadalcanal Hon. Anthony K Veke and his Constituency Office set what can be safely claimed as historical for West Guadalcanal, Guadalcanal Province and the nation as a whole—as he lunched 63 companies yesterday in his constituency.

The 63 registered enterprise companies were launched at Goigoi village, Tangarare Ward, West Guadalcanal over the weekend. Sixty two companies belonging to ‘Workable Units’ and one as the parent company called the ‘West Guadalcanal Livelihood Community Company Ltd’. Each of these 62 companies have been formally registered with the Company Haus. At the launching ceremony, the constituency office handed over envelopes containing company details completed with their bank accounts furnished with start-up capital money deposited in each account. 

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The money in each company account was intended as start-up capital for livelihood projects to be initiated by each Workable Units.

According to West Guadalcanal Constituency Development Officer,  Pacifico Gado, each Workable Units have members that ranges in size and scale represented by their chairpersons. These groupings are envisioned as the economic drivers to boost economics activities in the constituency. There are in total around one hundred fifty plus workable units to be registered. The remaining nine-plus units with their company certificates and bank accounts shall be handed over once all processes are completed at a later date.

West Guadalcanal Constituency’s Technical Resource person Mr. Chrisma Laubua at the launching ceremony reminded the participants on the importance of running and operating a business. Laubua told the participants of past training and informed them of future trainings.

In delivering his remarks, Veke his team and the people of West Guadalcanal for their support and patience.

“Today you come here as an entrepreneur. An entrepreneur is someone who takes risks and initiative to start a business, ” Veke stated.

“Today those of you receiving your package are now formal entrepreneurs. By virtue of our exercise, we are formalizing the West Guadalcanal economy,” Veke said.

He continued: “Today we created history not only for West Guadalcanal but also for our province and the country as a whole. What transpires today is unprecedented. Never happened anywhere in our country,” said that to an applauding crowd.

Chairlady women of newly registered enterprise companies
Hon. Veke deliverying his Keynote address
Particiapants at the Launching ceremony

Ephraim Limanikua from Wanderer Bay is an astute follower and analyst of political leadership in West Guadalcanal.

He said: “What this country needs is a visionary, determined, creative and action leader Veke. He is not only for West Guadalcanal, he’s our offer to Solomon Islands,” Limanikua said.

Bernadette from Verahue, is Chairlady of Abundance and Prosperity Enterprise (One of newly launched enterprise) acknowledges and appreciates Veke and his team for fulfilling their campaign plan and vision for West Guadalcanal.

“As a woman and mother, I’m very pleased to be part of this historical event today. This is a very big achievement for us. As such, I myself will do my best to be a good role model,” Bernadette stated.

Timothy Sautu, Chairman of Manakao Enterprise said that his workable unit have already held their initial meeting and would venture into fishing project with the start-up capital in their bank account and when their business grows, they might venture into copra buying.

Sautu appeals to his group members and all other workable unit groupings to work together and make the model work.

“Sure there will be challenges along the way as this is the first of its kind model, but we have to learn from our challenges and mistakes and make adjustments and move forward,” he said.

Michaela Mangani from Kusuba admits that the launching cleared whatever doubts on the achievability of the workable unit plan.

“Today Veke has again proved he is man of his word and man of action. As a mother, I can see that this plan is good and is going to improve the living standard of our people. I’m very touched and moved when I foresee the future for our children in this plan,” she said.

Laubua and Veke reminded the participants at the event on the Vision, Mission and Goals of West Guadalcanal Constituency. The vision for West Guadalcanal is to attain Happy and decent life, self-reliance, crime free society centred on Christian values and principles.

Veke also took time to update his people on government and parliamentary business. He also explained to them the economic situation our country faces due to the COVID19 pandemic.

There are series of programs yet to be undertaken by the constituency office before the year ends. In the coming days for example, West Guadalcanal Women’s Saving Clubs or Saving Scheme will be launched.

Formalization of local economy is important. This can enable us to monitor and measure our rural economies for economic plan purposing and forecasting.

  • West Guadalcanal Constituency Press Release

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