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4 East Are’are workers given 2 years work-permit extension by Canada

Workers proudly display the Canadian Flag that was provided to them as part of the Canada Day celebrations after receiving their extended 2-years work permits.
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SOLOMON Islands nationals in Canada who have received extensions to their work permits say that the extension is a God given opportunity to them that will help continue supporting their families in the Solomon Islands.

“ This is truly a God sent opportunity and we thank God for his vision and support,” said the recipients’ in a handover ceremony. 

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The four recipients from the East Are’Are’ constituency received their extension of work permit for additional 2-years from Canada’s Immigration division last week.

In recognition of celebrating the achievement the documents were handed by the employer in a cheerful celebration which included prayers to thank God.

The Canadian employer in a statement said that the business  can’t thank God enough for this timely extension of permit that will see the 4 workers remain to support her business for additional 24 months. 

“ I would like to express our gratitude to the Solomon Islanders who are working here with our family and business in Canada for the last six months

“ We are so thankful that 4 of them just received their two-year work permits and they can continue to work with us to help support our business. 

“ Not only are they putting food on tables of Canadians but they are also helping and supporting their families back home in helping them meet various needs they have back at home in the Solomon Islands.

“We thank the lord for his provision for each worker that he has brought to us. We pray for God’s blessing over each family and each Solomon Islander and our hearts are very grateful. 

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A joyful team of workers from the East Are’Are’ constituency are seen opening their mail from Immigration Canada that has their extended work permits.

Samson Waruoa, one of the four workers, could not hold his joy.

“I am one of the workers who arrived in Canada under the support and vision of the East Are’Are constituency and I am so thankful for the opportunity Hon. Peter Kenilorea Jnr provided and we are truly being helped,” Mr Waruoa said.

He further said that this opportunity is helping his family back home in the Solomon Islands.

“ I am so pleased to say that while here in Canada we have received a renewal of our work permit that allows us to work for another two-years. Hopefully some of us would be getting our permanent residence here as well and that is one of the privileges that we have under the Canadian program. We are so grateful indeed and I wish that more of our workers will be coming here to Canada and helping support the economy of the Solomon Islands through remittances helping families back home who are struggling.,” Mr. Waruoa said.

Sam Wauki from the East Are’Are’ constituency is another of the recipients of the extension to his work permit.

“ At this moment I would like to thank the MP for East Are’ Are’ Hon. Kenilorea Jnr for his support towards the partnership of the program that has seen us being here today and receiving another two-years of addition to our work permit.  At this point of time I am very happy because with this extension I will continue to help support my family back home and my country Solomon Islands as well” Mr. Wauki said.

Nickson Maesia said that although his initial work permit was for 6 months he was very thankful to his employer and the Canadian government, for granting the extension which means more support to his family back home.

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank the constituency of East Are Are and the MP because of whose vision and commitment we are here today.  This is a wonderful chance that we have been provided here with the extension of the work permit. And the opportunity for permanent residency is something that is another great opportunity, “ Mr. Maesia said.

“ I just came here not so long ago about [5] months ago and then we received all the support here to seek an extension to our work permits with the support from the Government of Canada.  I am so glad to be here in Canada and being able to help support my family back home in the Solomon Islands” Mr. Maesia added.

Walton Harry took the opportunity to thank  East Are Are MP Peter Kenilorea Jr and his constituency office for its support, vision and dedication towards the Canadian partnership program.

“I would like to thank the MP Kenilorea and the Canadian government for this great opportunity.  I am also so grateful to the Canadian Government that has extended the work permit for another two-years. I also like to thank the family and the employer here for their kindness and their help. We are learning and earning and the Canadian experience is very different from other experiences,” Mr. Harry said.

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