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25 new doctors join NRH

The NRH, fridge breakdown had resulted in 150 blood bags damaged. But a new fridge is now up and running.
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Twenty-five new doctors will join the National Referral Hospital after completing their bridging programme.

Speaking during his three times a week COVID-19 update, Minister of Health and Medical Service Dr. Culwick Togamana said additional 25 more of Solomon Island doctors trained overseas have completed their bridging program at NRH and will now join the NRH Medical Team as interns in the specialities of General Medicines, Surgery, Obstetrics and Gynaecology and Paediatrics.

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He acknowledged the Government of Australia who has been supporting this bridging program and the overall Medical Partnership for Learning, Education and Research program at NRH.

Recently the government also engaged new nurses to boost its numbers in the fight against COVID-19.

Meanwhile the minister re-iterated that for the clinical care for COVID-19 patients, communities and families do have a very important role to play as well.

“That is to ensure those with COVID-19 infections or symptoms are brought to hospitals and clinics at the earliest and not to delay until symptoms worsen to the point where they cannot do personal chores or move by themselves. Many COVID-19 related deaths at NRH are also due to late presentation at the hospital,” he said.


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