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217 arrested so far, but no instigators

CoP Mangau
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Police have arrested 217 suspects connected to the three days’ riot and looting of Honiara last week.

Of the 217, 33 were juveniles or those under 18 whilst the rest are adults.

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Commissioner of Police Mostyn Managau appeals to members of the public to come forward and support police with evidence.

The riots and looting started on November 24 when a crowd of demonstrators broke into the parliament grounds. They were then forced out from the Parliament area. Their retreat into the city sparked three days of riots and looting that saw Chinatown looted and burnt, several other properties in the eastern city also razed, police stations attacked and one was put on fire and Honiara High School torched to the ground.

The riots were subdued with the arrival of international force led by Australia, PNG and Fiji who are still in the country.

Meanwhile Mangau there are two investigations, one is looking at the looting and rioting whilst another investigates the alleged perpetrators. There are still no arrests of the key players behind the riot.


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