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Biker flies several metres in accident today

The bike lying on the ground after the accident this afternoon
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A driver of a motor-bike flew more than 10 meters after he collided with a vehicle this afternoon at an accident at Kukum Police Station road.

Just after 1pm a motor-bike was travelling westbound at the Kukum highway when it was hit by a car which was turning into the Kukum Police Station (entry) into the direction of the Kukum field.

The car was travelling eastbound and was exiting into the feeder road just next to the Kukum Police Station.

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SBMOnline was on the scene of the accident just minutes after it took place.

An eyewitness said the motor-bike was running rightfully on the high-way and the vehicle should have waited and gave way for it before turning in.

“It did not give way that resulted in the motor-bike hitting its front. The driver flew several meters as a result. He landed on the tar then moved again. He was still moving and probably sustained injuries when he was rushed in a car to the NRH,” the eye-witness said.

Police was no the scene and the driver of the car was arrested.

The motor-cycle was badly damaged as a result of the accident.

Meanwhile  a NRH source confirmed to SBMOnline that the biker had bad fractures to his legs but they are not life threatening so surely he will recover.


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