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2 new COVID 19 cases, 24 in total

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Solomon Islands recorded 2 more COVID 19 positive cases, bringing the total number diagnosed since the beginning of the pandemic to 24.

Prime Minister Hon. Manasseh Sogavare announced during a Special National Address this morning.

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“I however regret to inform you that both parents of the 10-year-old boy that came on the flight from Fiji, have tested positive to COVID-19. This has now increased the total number of COVID-19 cases diagnosed in our country to twenty-four”, the Prime Minister stated.

All 4 positive cases are now in isolation.

Prime Minister Sogavare is now asking all members of the public to take precautionary measures and start wearing masks in public places and public transports and to start practicing social distancing and avoid crowded areas.

On questions regarding the validity of the vaccination programs in the country – given that three of the four people infected have been fully vaccinated, the Prime Minister has assured the public, that COVID-19 vaccination works in two main ways;

  1. Firstly, it prevents most fully vaccinated people from getting infected by the virus
  1. Secondly, for some vaccinated people that do get infected by the virus, COVID-19 vaccines:
    1. prevent them from developing severe disease
    1. prevent most of them from hospitalisation, and
    1. prevent most of them from dying from COVID-19.

In relation to unvaccinated people,many will get infected by the virus, many will develop severe disease, many will be hospitalised, and sadly, many might die from COVID-19 infection.

He emphasised, like all medicines, all vaccines have their shortfalls –but if taken properly, all vaccines provide high levels of protection to those that take them. 

COVID-19 vaccine offers protection to those that take it. Those that do not take it, have no protection at all against COVID-19.

The Prime Minister adds, booster doses to strengthen the protection of our frontline workers against Delta or Omicron variants of COVID 19 have also started.

He further instructed people in quarantine to stay in their rooms and all members of the public – not to go to any quarantine stations. These places are out of bounds.

“Every quarantined person must not come out of their rooms, except to collect your food from outside your room door. Any person that come out of their rooms will be penalised in accordance with the SOPE regulations.”

Prime Minister Sogavare also clarified, nursing staff that look after the people transferred to the Central Field Hospital are accommodated away from their homes. This is a measure to reduce the risk of transmission to their families.

With more than 82 percent of our population still unprotected because they are not fully vaccinated, if community transmission occurs, the country will suffer more, even deaths.

The National Referral Hospital does not have the capacity to look after large number of people infected by COVID 19 because it will spread very quickly among patients in the hospital due to their already compromised immune status.

He urged all members of the public to “start practicing COVD-19-safe measures – wear face masks when you leave your home to go out, practice social distancing, avoid crowds, use hand sanitizers every time you touch something or someone.”

The Prime Minister hopes we do not have community transmission of COVID-19 but be prepared for such an eventuality, because both the Delta and especially the Omicron variant are highly transmissible.


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