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2 injured, canteen burnt down

Deputy Commissioner Matanga
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By Timothy Inifiri Jr.

Two people were injured and a canteen was burned down in the outskirts of Titige in Honiara following a dispute between JED company employees and local residents on Tuesday.

Speaking during the weekly press conference earlier today, Deputy Police Commissioner Ms Juanita Matanga said that the dispute originally started when one of the company’s three tonne truck was driving at high-speed and overtook one of the public buses servicing the area’s narrow road causing disagreement between the people living in the area. It resulted in the residents throwing stones at the company vehicle.

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Matanga said that in retaliation the driver of the three tonne truck then went back to their camp and collected few of his male colleagues who then went back to the area where the incident occurred.

A standoff between parties then occurred which resulted in the burning down of a canteen and injury to two victims.

Police have responded to the situation and arrested a male person in relation to the incident.

“I want to remind our drivers to show respect towards another vehicle or other road users to avoid such incidents from occurring, and this is a result of the lack of respect and attitude which caused tensions between both parties”, Matanga added.

Matanga confirmed that the Honiara Central Criminal Investigation Department (CID) is currently continuing their inquiries which will lead to other arrests of those that involved in the incident.

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