Home News 2 candidates in 2019 NGE charged

2 candidates in 2019 NGE charged

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The National Criminal Investigation Department (NCID) of the Royal Solomon Islands Police Force (RSIPF) is starting to charge candidates of the National General Election (NGE) in 2019 who had failed to submit their statement of account.

Supervising Director NCID Superintendent Michael Bole Says, “This happened after two candidates were charged early this week.”

NCID Supervising Director Mr Bole says, “The two accused candidates had already appeared in court with a charge of  Election Expenses and  Donation, contrary to section 125 (2) as read with section 69 (1) (a), (b) and section 107 (1) (b), (2) of the Electoral Act 2018 and section 9A(1) as Electoral (Amendment) Regulation 2019.”

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Bole says the penalty for breaching section 69 as stipulated in the offence under section 125 (2) is $20,000.00 penalty units or two years imprisonment or both.

Director Bole says the passage of the Electoral Act 2018 just before the National General Election in 2019 strengthen the Electoral Commission thereby making it try as much as possible among other functions to deal with all complaints and breaches that come before it.

“Compliance with section 69 was one of the requirements. Account must be delivered within 90 days of the declaration of the election result,” he adds.

Bole says other candidates are yet to be charged for failing to comply with the electoral requirements.


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