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The Zion Adventist Church (ZAC) in Central Honiara has expressed its sincere appreciation to the Adventist Development and Relief Agency (ADRA) for generously implementing the Disaster Ready Church (DRC) sanitation facilities at the church.

South Pacific Division (SPD) Office of the Seventhday Adventist Church (SDA) in Australia funded the project under the Disaster Ready Church (DRC) and implemented by ADRA Solomon Islands across three project sites in the Solomon Islands.

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The implementing projects sites are Iriri SDA Church on Kolobangara Island in Western Province, Zion SDA Church in Central Honiara and Gwaunasu SDA Church in North Malaita. DRC project is a one year project started from May 2023 and will end in May 2024.

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The aim and purpose of this project is to improve church facilities to be user friendly to displaced people during the event of a disaster.

Elder of Zion SDA Church, Bongi Hynick Darlingi, spoke to ADRA Media in an interview this week expressing the church’s joy and excitement in seeing the successful implementation of the sanitation project.

“I on behalf of our church would like to extend our heartfelt appreciation to ADRA for identifying our church to be the recipient of this DRC project with a component on sanitation facilities , which we consider a true blessing’’

‘’Our church is situated in an area prone to disaster like rain, landslides, and adverse weather conditions. This sanitation project has proven to be a significant blessing for us,” Darlingi said.

He further emphasized the timeliness of the project, considering the financial constraints faced by the church in constructing any new infrastructure.

“This infrastructure holds immense importance for us, given our limited financial resources. We are genuinely delighted about this project and wish to express our gratitude to ADRA and SPD for recognizing and selecting us for this initiative’’

‘’ Undoubtedly, this project will help address our longstanding sanitation needs,” ZION Church Elder said.

Bongi highlighted the challenging conditions faced by the Zion SDA Church, residing in an area usually referred to as “mudland,” vulnerable to disasters such as rain, landslides, and weathering.

‘’ I on behalf of our church would like to acknowledge ADRA for these initiatives to implement this sanitation project at our church premises. I would like to encourage ADRA to continue with the good work where we very much appreciating ADRA for this wonderful initiatives’’

‘’This project has built the confidence of people who stayed around the area and members who will benefit from this project. We are vulnerable to disaster, but when ADRA steps in, it would have many benefits and would address issues of disaster in our church,’’Mr Dalingi said.

ADRA Human Resource Department also shares the child protection Policy information for the participants where they would be able to help children during the times of disasters happening at their church.

Work on implementing the Disaster Ready Church (DRC) sanitation facilities at the church started on October 12 and is currently progressing. The sanitation facilities currently constructed are (toilet ablution block) lavatory for both male and female and shower room.

Meanwhile construction work for Iriri SDA Church in Kolobangara Island has already started with foundation while materials for Gwaunasu SDA Church in North Malaita has been acquired and will be shifted through any available transport in the coming weeks.

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