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Women’s expectations high for upcoming joint election

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 By Alfred Pagepitu MASI, Stringer/Reporter Western Province

Mary Doko, a long-time rural advocate, is eagerly anticipating her participation in this year’s national joint election in the country. Mrs Doko, hailing from Maravari Village in the South Vella la Vella constituency, emphasizes the importance of electing a leader who will acknowledge and uphold the rights of women, particularly those in rural areas.

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“We require a leader who comprehends the challenges faced by women in rural communities,” expressed Doko. “This is not solely for the benefit of rural communities, but for the growth and progress of women nationwide.” Doko further highlights the struggles faced by many women in rural areas, where making a sustainable living is a constant challenge.

“I aspire for a leader who will establish initiatives that benefit women in rural communities, enabling them to derive income from activities such as gardening, fishing, catering, and various other endeavors.” Consequently, Mrs. Doko urges women who will be contesting in this year’s national election to prioritize the rights of women in rural communities.

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“If any woman is elected to parliament, I implore her to champion women’s rights and empower them as a leader. It is essential that we, as women, unite and address the issues affecting rural women together.” Mrs. Doko eagerly awaits the upcoming election, hoping that women in power will advocate for policies that uplift women and ensure equal rights.

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