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Wish to be fulfilled soon as son brings back dad’s ashes to be buried on Sulufou  

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A former British administrator here who had also married to a Solomon Islander from Sulufou will soon have his wish fulfilled that his ashes be brought back to Sulufou Island and be buried there.

Christopher Douglas Alexander Cochran, a legendary Scottish and Englishman, came to Solomon Islands in 1967 as part of the British Colonial Government. Three years of romantic expeditionary, led to his marriage with Margaret Rose Abu Kakai from Sulufou Island, Malaita Province.

Prior to his passing away in 2017, Christopher made one wish and that his ashes would be brought to Sulufou and this in itself is prominent as it is the 60th anniversary of St. Paul Church’s opening after Sulufou was burned and devastated.

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Alex Cochrane, Christopher’s son, is expected to arrive tomorrow (Friday 17th) and is schedule to board the ship to Auki the same day and continue with the final journey to Sulufou .

According to his relatives, Alex might might spend few days at Sulufou to bury his father before returning to Honiara and fly back to UK.

Fr. Dudley Thomas Wate, the paramount chief of Sulufou, Kakai, Wate on behalf of the Tome Wate family and Beubaita tribal family, would like to thank his eldest son, Alexander Cochran for bringing your father’s ashes to his resting place at Sulufou.

In 1982 after profound administration and public service years in the country, Christopher returned to England, with four children, Melanie, Alexander, Dudley and Victor Cochran.

The late Chris Cochran was legendary, well honoured, respected and truly loved by the Kakai and Wate family members, and the social friendships established since.

Alexander’s journey with his father’s ashes is indeed a tribute to his father’s conviction and respect to the people of Sulufou since the colonial era, a statement from the family said.

“It is with honour that the wishes of our beloved in-law have been literally fulfilled. Much comfort and joy have been encountered as part of the journey to put him closer to all his tribal paramount chiefly in-laws,” the relatives in Sulufou said.

“This is a rare moment for us to accept and honour his wishes to be buried in Sulufou. It is a reflection of a true story of love, friendship, honour and dignity. Our in-law has left without warning and all we possess are memories of our past, which shall always be treasured. You are loved by so many of us and we deeply thank you for showing us what love and respect truly means,” the relatives said.


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