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We need Freedom of Information Act: Wale

Leader of Opposition Wale.
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SOLOMON Islands still lack a Freedom of Information Act.

Speaking during the TRC Report debate in Parliament recently, Hon Wale said the Freedom of Information Act is a legislative instrument that was deemed very crucial in the Report.

He said the creation of such an Act would ensure accountability and transparency in Government’s decisions and decision-making processes.

“In this age of technology and information, the need for a Freedom of Information Act is especially crucial. It not only empowers citizens by making critical public information accessible but also holds public offices accountable, which is a significant step towards eradicating corruption,” he said.

The Opposition Leader said the introduction of this Act would signal our dedication to transparency, accountability, and good governance – fundamental tenets of a healthy, functioning democracy.

Hon Wale told Parliament that even a full 11 years after the recommendations for fighting corruption were first made, we still do not have a zero-tolerance stance against corruption,

The Opposition Leader has urged the DCGA government to bring the Act to Parliament.


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