DPM Maelanaga led the awareness.
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The Leader of Opposition’s statement in Auki where he said Malaitian Members of Parliament (MPs) in government are pulled by the nose which forced them to step on the heads of Malaitans, is insulting and culturally insensitive.

Speaking on behalf of the Malaitan MPs in government, the Deputy Prime Minister Manasseh Maelanga said the statement is insulting as Malaitan MPs in government like other MPs, are mandated by their respective people to represent and serve them in parliament.

“Our decision to remain with the ruling Democratic Coalition Government for Advancement (DCGA) is borne from our own convictions and political reasoning, we are not influenced by any persons or entities,” Maelanga said.

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“That being said, the Malaitan MPs will remain with DCGA until the end of the life of the current parliament,” he added.

The Deputy Prime Minister further added that Wale’s referral to Malaitan MPs in government as puppets and are stepping on the heads of Malaitans is culturally insensitive.

“Malaitans in this context covers all of Malaita, and to connote that we are stepping on the heads of Malaitans is culturally taboo, and for such statement to come from a fellow Malaitan leader raises eyebrows.

“In custom, the Leader of Opposition must take the initiative to appease the minds of Malaitan leaders in the ruling government and our people” Manasseh Maelanga said.

The Deputy Prime Minister said honorable Matthew Wale has shown signs of fanaticism, a dangerous trait to be found in a national leader.

“His extremist views are disturbing and people should be wary of such behavior because he is promoting a culture of violence,” honorable Manasseh Maelanga said.

Maelanga urged Wale to stop using people of Malaita for his political agenda, and the Deputy Prime Minister further reminded Wale that if he chooses to be ignorant and continue to incite Malaitans, he will be found wanting one day and that will be a fulfillment of what the Holy Book says and that is “be sure your sins will find you out…”.

Honorable Maelanga called on the Leader of Opposition to focus and concentrate on developing his Auki Langalanga constituency than to engage in political scoring and smearing campaigns.

Maelanga further urged people of Auki Langalanga constituency to exercise their right to hold Matthew Wale accountable instead of allowing him to charm them with his sweet words.

“For instance, the people of Auki Langalanga constituency have the right to question the whereabouts of the SBD $2 million Wale took under the National Transport Fund, in the Ministry of Infrastructure Development. To date Wale has not made a retirement of that said fund,” Maelanga revealed.

The Deputy Prime Minister added that it is time that people of Auki Langalanga to start thinking of voting another leader into parliament.

“The truth is Wale’s desire for the Prime Minister post has reached a stage where he is descending into a world of disillusionment and losing hold of higher moral ground, he needs counseling to come back to himself.

“The quicker the better for him”, the Deputy Prime Minister concluded.


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