Home News Wale hits out at ministers’ influence over public servants reshuffle exercise

Wale hits out at ministers’ influence over public servants reshuffle exercise

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OPPOSITION Leader Hon Matthew Wale has hit out at reports of certain Cabinet Ministers involvement in the public service reshuffling process.

The Opposition Office was reliably informed that certain Ministers are trying to influence the public service commission’s decision to reshuffle and recruit public officers to certain ministries.

Hon Wale said his office is aware that certain ministers’ have influenced decisions based on their own interests and personal agendas.

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He said certain Ministers have demanded against recruiting or reshuffling officials to their liking.

“My office has been reliable informed that certain ministers do not want their permanent secretaries and financial controllers to be reshuffled for reasons known only to them. But it is clear they are trying to keep these people in the ministry to facilitate for their personal interests,” he said.

The Opposition Leader said such bad practice should not be entertained.

Hon Wale called on the public service commission not to bow down to such political influence.

He said decisions made by the commission must be respected.

“If public officers are not fit to hold positions based on work performance or on any allegations of misconduct then they should be removed or replaced. We need people who are capable, honest and who can get the job done,” he said.


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