Home News Wale confirms receiving petition from GP leaders to the PM

Wale confirms receiving petition from GP leaders to the PM

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Leader of Opposition Hon. Matthew Wale MP for Aokelangalanga confirms that he has received a signed copy of the petition by the Guadalcanal Leaders to the Prime Minister yesterday.

The Guadalcanal leaders are well within their rights as leaders to petition the current government. The petition contains long outstanding issues that continue to plague the way of life of the people of Guadalcanal to this day; and as if that is not already bad enough, current government investment and land reform policies are adding salt to the wound.

It is fitting therefore that the petition is made to the current PM. As a 4 time PM and one that the recent ethnic crisis glorified, Mr. Sogavare has been part of the long government neglect in addressing the root causes of some of the outstanding concerns raised in the petition.

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The PM must therefore listen to the Guadalcanal leader’s call this time, and must do the right thing. He must not shrug the matters raised under the carpet as he has done with other matters of national interest.

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