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Wale Calls on PM to Stop Using Ex-Militants

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The Leader of the Opposition, Hon. Matthew Wale, has made a strong call to Prime Minister Sogavare to stop using ex-militants as security details.

‘I urge the Prime Minister to stop using ex-militants as security details. The close protection unit of the RSIPF as well as the RSIPF is already doing this job’.

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Hon. Wale is very concerned about the provocative nature that such an engagement by the PMO of these ex-militant elements would bring.

‘I am deeply concerned about this provocative action by the PM which can further create ill will and feelings from the public towards these ex-militants and the PM himself’.

The Leader of the Opposition is aware that tensions remain high on the streets with business owners and the public alike voicing concerns about further unrests.

‘Such actions only contribute to further heightening tensions in the capital and around the nation which is already on edge’.

Hon. Wale stated that these kinds of action directly contradicts PM Sogavare’s own call to uphold the rule of law.

‘You cannot say one thing and do the opposite. There is no need to engage these militant elements while we have our brave men and women of the RSIPF who are mandated to provide security and are already doing this job well’.

Hon. Wale called for dialogue and open communication between the PM or any other government authorities with people of concern to avoid a repeat of what happened last week.

Further, he questioned, ‘ with foreign forces already on the ground and on the sea in Honiara why is there any need for ex militants?’

The Leader of Opposition added that, ‘if you  the PM, the police, and government have forehand knowledge of any security concerns, then I call on the PM to talk with church, community, traditional leaders, to try and diffuse the situation before it gets out of hand again’

Hon. Wale, who is the MP for Aoke Langalanga, also expressed the hope that PM Soga is not trying to use Malaitans against Malaitans as his response to the current situation.


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