Home Business Wale calls on HCC to find best solution to address bus routes

Wale calls on HCC to find best solution to address bus routes

File photo: Honiara buses.
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LEADER of Opposition Hon Matthew Wale has called on the Honiara City Council to dialogue with bus operators on the best approach in addressing bus routes.

Hon Wale in a statement today said he welcomes the HCC plans to purchase 40-60 seater buses to serve specific bus routes but cautioned it might affect a lot of bus operators.

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“It is a good idea but many bus operators will be affected because it means they will be out of business and some will find it difficult to repay their loans,” he said.

Hon Wale said HCC must conduct a dialogue to find the best way forward to avoid any rush decision that will affect struggling families.

Meanwhile, the Opposition Leader urged HCC to crack down on buses that continue to operate illegal short bus routes around Honiara.

He said buses continue to defy instructions because HCC is too lenient with them.

“Practise what you preach. Buses that do not comply must be penalised,” he said.

Hon Wale said students are the most affected in this whole situation and HCC must also find solutions to address this.

“It is concerning to see that students and even some working class people lining up at bus stops until 9am. HCC needs to find ways in dealing with this situation. It is really affecting our children,” he said.


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