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Wale calls for transparency into newly signed agreements with China

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LEADER of Opposition Hon Matthew Wale says the Prime Minister and his Government must clarify the recently signed agreements with China.

In a statement today, Hon Wale said it is quite serious and that amongst the nine newly signed agreements, it is purported one is a comprehensive strategic agreement and the other, a new policing security agreement. 

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The Opposition Leader said this only gives rise to a lot of questions the public are entitled to answers.

The Opposition Office understands a number of government ministers were not aware of the deal relating to these agreements.

Hon Wale said this begs the question as to whether Cabinet has sanctioned the signing of these new agreements with China.

“This is simply outrageous if true. The Prime Minister is known for making cold-hearted decisions but to bypass Cabinet as reported, and to sign agreements that affect our national interest threatens our national security and puts us in an awkward situation with our other bilateral and security partners in the region,” he said.

The Opposition Leader said any sensible leader would know that toying around with Australia and the US on security matters in the region is dangerous given their long history in the region.

Hon Wale said our national interest should always come first in such undertakings.

He adds the Prime Minister’s recent action in China has just pushed Solomon Islands further into the spotlight in the geopolitical struggle between China and USA.

“Solomon Islands is on its own in the region in the speed and breath in which it is concluding these agreements,” Hon Wale said.

The Opposition Leader reiterated that Sogavare’s actions make a mockery of his pretence of being a friend to all and enemy to none. 

Hon Wale said Sogavare is clearly pro-China and anti US and Australia – “friend to one and be damned with the rest.”

The Opposition Leader said all agreements are concluded on behalf of the people of Solomon Islands and it should be done transparently.

“The people are entitled to know what are contained in agreements signed on their behalf not only with China but also with US, Australia and all our diplomatic partners. Therefore, I call on the Prime Minister and his Government to publicly disclose all the agreements that were recently signed in China,” Hon Wale said.


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