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Viulu’s misguided views on Malaita

Questions raised by rural people focuses on their eligibility to qualify for the package assistance. PHOTO: GCU
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It is interesting to know a Political Appointees of the Prime Minister’s Office who was part of the Economic Stimulus Package team that visited Malaita province recently, posted on his personal Facebook page on issues of Malaita province development. Worst still on matters he has inadequate information on.

Samson Viulu posted a very misguided view on how the premier of Malaita should act and how relevant protocols should be followed. He seemed to join a number of other PAs of the PMO who active in the same manner.

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The Premier of Malaita Province is the head of the Malaita Provincial Government. An elected government of the people of Malaita. If seems that Viulu is too arrogant to know there is a long established practice where officials of the national government or other organisations would pay courtesy calls at the office of the premier when visiting the Malaita province.

Viulu even went further to say that the premier decided not to visit them or invited them to his office. This statement can only come from someone who is too arrogant and have no respect to the head of the elected government of Malaita Province. It is shameful that Viulu acted as though he is bigger and more important than the elected head of the government of Malaita Province. The most appropriate thing for him and his team to do is to pay a courtesy call to the premier’s office and inform the government of Malaita of the business they were conducting in Malaita. Not the other way around. If this is the behaviour of people who worked in the Prime Minister’s office he needs to scrutinise himself and seek appropriate advice from competent authorities on government protocols when visiting provinces.

Viulu went on to comment on water issues at the Kiluufi Hospital. Hope he had talked with the relevant and appropriate officer at Kiluufi hospital to get a clear picture on what the likely issues are before making sweeping allegations is something he could have done. For the information of the public the Kiluufi hospital water continues to serve the hospital and the province has paid $25,000 rental under a MOU for the next 5 years to the land owning groups of the water source. The province stepped in to solve the water source issue after non-payment by the national government. In any event there are government officers looking after the hospital and they are responsible for informing the responsible authorities of the state of affairs of the hospital be it water or other matters. From the Director of health of Malaita province there is no shortage of water as alleged by Viulu.

For the information of the PA and others, the Province is working with the relevant government ministry and the Japanese Government on the Kiluufi new Hospital Building project. The project has gone through all the required formalities and is now with JICA for further assessments. The MARA government is taking appropriate steps to improve the Kiluufi hospital and the people of Malaita is supporting the MARA government on the many undertakings of the province.

For the record, Malaita province since 2012 to date have implemented 216 project under the RDP project. One of the higher implementing province under this project. Similarly Malaita Province set the fastest project implementation record of 38 days, completing a-57-meter concrete bridge.

Issued By Malaita Premier’s Office-

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