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UP names candidate to contest West Kwara’ae Constituency

Hon Kenilorea and Laufilu, left.
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The Solomon Islands United Party (UP) is contesting the West Kwara’ae Constituency by-election. UP’s candidate for the by-election to be held on 24 May is Mr. Jerrylim Laufilu.  Mr. Laufilu was nominated by Andrew Manata, Dennis Tuai, and Barbara Lomo.

The West Kwara’ae seat was left vacant following the passing of late Hon. Sam Iduri.

Mr. Laufilu was decommissioned from his pastoral role at the SSEC Kukum Church in Honiara to contest the election.

Mr. Laufilu is looking forward to campaigning under the UP banner. ‘I look forward to campaigning and meeting the people of West Kwara’ae. It was my people and supporters that insisted that I run in the by-election as the UP candidate’.

The passing of his uncle, late Hon. Iduri, thrust Mr. Laufilu into the political limelight and he is now seeking a role as a political leader.

‘I was of course a great l supporter of my late uncle and was a close confidant to him. I respected him immensely as a close relative and as the national leader of our people’.

Mr. Laufilu added, ‘I was asked by my people to contest and if elected I will continue to finish the work in this 11th Parliament that late Hon. Iduri had begun before his passing.’

UP Parliamentary Wing Leader, MP for East Are Are, Hon. Peter Kenilorea Jr, stated that he is honoured to have someone with the leadership caliber of Mr. Laufilu contest the by-elections under the UP banner in a competitive field with some wonderful leaders also contesting.

‘It is an honour to have Mr. Laufilu contest under the UP banner. It is humbling to learn that it was his people and supporters, many of whom are late Hon. Iduri’s supporters, who asked him to run as a UP candidate.

Hon. Kenilorea further stated that, ‘I look forward to joining Mr. Laufilu on the campaign trail and meeting with our people of West Kwara’ae’.

‘And if he is voted into this 11th parliament by the people of West Kwara’ae, I have no doubt that he will be a wonderful addition to the UP MPs number in parliament’.

UP understands that at the close of nominations some 12 candidates will be contesting the West Kwara’ae Constituency. The UP Executive wishes all candidates for the by-election the best in their campaigns and wishes the people of West Kwara’ae a successful and peaceful by-election when they go to the poll in late May.


Solomon Islands United Party Press Release

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