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Unfulfilled Promises and Misplaced Priorities: Wale

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The Leader of Opposition, Hon. Matthew Wale, has expressed serious concerns about the competency of relevant authorities amidst a worsening drug shortage in the nation.

While MHMS previously assured a return to normalcy at NRH by the end of last week, Hon. Wale points out that the promise remains unfulfilled.

“The inconsistent messaging from MHMS does not align with the on-ground realities communicated by our doctors and health workers,” Hon. Wale stated.

Hon. Wale went on to comment on the MHMS’s evident struggle and consequence of the drug shortage problem.

“Currently, MHMS seems either unable or overwhelmed in ensuring a steady supply of medical resources for our country. When we see repeated inconsistency in official communication about an ongoing crisis, those responsible must be held accountable.” Hon. Wale stressed.

He further highlighted disparities in policy and practice.

“While the Role Delineation Policy was discussed in 2011, its progress remains uncertain. The limited execution of the National Strategic Health Plan 2016-2020 and the under-publicized 2022-2031 plan points towards a significant implementation gap,” explained Hon. Wale.

However, Hon. Wale said that the real issue comes back to the detachment of National Leaders from the health crisis.

“Perhaps National Leaders remain indifferent, given their ability to seek medical attention overseas or access frontline services when medical boats visit. But the numbers are clear – health is not a budget priority” Hon. Wale observed.

This disregard becomes even more alarming in the face of reports that an estimated SBD 60M is needed to procure essential medical supplies to combat the present shortages.

‘We need change. Medicines should be our top domestic priority and not one that is left to the mercy of donors’ Hon. Wale concluded.

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