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TSI believes SIG has not prepared the country in past 2 years for this day

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Transparency Solomon Islands believes that the Executive Government in the last two years has not prepared the country for this day. 

“It has not independently show case what impact the millions it has spent in the name of Covid-19 SOE responses,” it said in a statement tonight.

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 TSI calls for an independent audit of these public funds and the findings of which should inform our responses, and preparedness into the future.

“Yes, whilst the Minister of Health and Medical Services and the Permanent Secretary may say that they receive adequate assistant to prepare for this day, Transparency Solomon Islands disagrees.  It believes that the government has not adequately supported the Ministry financially to prepare for this day putting the nurses and doctors and those working in health facilities at risk.  The focus in the first two years should have been the health infrastructure and services, preparing them to respond to this crisis,” TSI said.

“Transparency Solomon Islands is of the view that for the last two years the Executive Government has slept instead of preparing the country for such a day as this.  One just have to look at the National Referral Hospital and Choiseul Province’s Hospital at Taro that has remains delipidated as when TSI last reported on it, the quarantine centre remains incomplete etc.  When the food runs out people of Choiseul residing in Honiara may have to head home and a quarantine facility is needed to ensure they do not take the corona there or when it is there that they can deal with it.

“This is the same for other health infrastructures throughout our country. Doctors and nurses are working in difficult conditions to save lives be there for the sick. Whilst Transparency Solomon Islands wholeheartedly commends the work here in Honiara, it urges the government not to forget the provinces and people in the rural area.  Yes, keeping economy going is important but people have to be alive to enjoy the benefits of that economy,” TSI said.

Meanwhile Transparency Solomon Islands calls on the Oversight Committee to allow journalists and media people to report on what is going on. 

“They can provide the monitoring and keep a close eye and report on the various directives that have been put in place to look after us. They can alert us to whether service providers are complying as well as individuals. Information and correct information at that politics aside is the most important but also the missing and scares commodity,” it said.

Meanwhile Transparency Solomon Islands calls on the Government to be transparent, responsible, and accountably with regard to the information it provides to the public.

“These should be disseminated in a timely manner. Whilst Transparency Solomon Islands calls for the exemption of media to do their report impartially to keep people informed, it urges media to continue your watch-dog role and report on any corrupt conducts, conflicts of interest that you may have witnessed. Here we commend the Minister of Health and Medical Services and his officials for rising up to the challenge of looking after the sick and our people.  TSI calls on government to prioritize the Health Sector in the yet to pass 2022 budget,” the statement said.

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