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Training Program Equips Liaison Officers and Drivers for 18th PNA Ministerial Meeting

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Honiara, 8th June 2023: The Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources, in collaboration with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, successfully organized a comprehensive training program for Liaison Officers and Drivers on Wednesday.

This specialized training aims to prepare officers who will be assigned to support our esteemed PNA Fisheries Ministers during the highly anticipated PNA 18th Annual Ministerial Meeting, set to commence next Monday at the prestigious Solomon Kitano Mendana Hotel.

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Recognizing the vital role played by Liaison Officers and Drivers in ensuring seamless operations and effective coordination during such significant events, the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Fisheries and Marine resources Dr. Christain Ramofafia emphasized the importance of their dedication and professionalism to the success of this gathering.

With this in mind, the training program was meticulously designed to equip participants with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in their respective roles.

Drivers selected for this unique opportunity were chosen from various ministries, highlighting the collaborative efforts undertaken to facilitate this grand event.

Their commitment and expertise are expected to foster an atmosphere of efficiency and effectiveness throughout the entire ministerial meeting.

“The active participation and engagement of all attendees have enabled them to acquire valuable skills, foster effective communication, and enhance their ability to provide top-notch support to the PNA Ministers. We have no doubt that their dedication and professionalism will leave a lasting impression on all,” said Dr. Ramofafia.

The Ministry extends its great appreciation to all the government agencies especially Foreign Affairs, Police, Infrastructure Development, Biosecurity, Aviation, Immigration and Government Communication Unit for their steadfast, cooperation and collaboration in making this training program possible.

“Through this joint SIG effort, the success of the 18th PNA Ministerial meeting is guaranteed, showcasing an unwavering commitment to the sustainable management of our fisheries and marine resources,” Dr, Ramofafia said.

Francis Pituvaka

Communication Officer

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