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Trade Commissioner Warns PALM Workers not to abscond

Some of the workers attending the Pre-Departure Briefing today.
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The Trade Commissioner within the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and External Trade, Mr. Barrett Salato has warned labour mobility workers not to abscond or breach their temporary work visa condition while in Australia.

Mr. Salato issued the warning when speaking to the 118 workers who are ready to travel out of the country during a mandatory pre-departure briefing organized by the Labour Mobility Unit within the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and External Trade Today (Wednesday 3rd April 2023).

Solomon Islands now have 4,728 workers currently working in Australia under the Pacific-Australian Labour Mobility or PALM scheme. With the increase of our workers abroad, there is also an increase of associated social problems.

Mr. Salato uses the occasion to raise a number of issues that workers need to be aware of such as absconding, alcohol abuse, gambling, extra marital affairs and betel nut abuse.

He said that workers who are deliberately absconding from their temporary visa condition will not be re-engaged into the scheme.

We have an increase number of workers that are running away from their jobs and breach their visa.

He encourages workers to raise issues affecting them at the workplace to the relevant individuals, officials, employers, government authorities and agencies so that they can be addressed and deal with appropriately.

While congratulating the workers for being selected to join the scheme, he also pointed out that this employment opportunity comes with personal responsibility.

He said this scheme is not a tourism expedition exercise where you go and enjoy life there and come back empty handed.

“The government wants to see you succeed and build a better life for yourself and your family with this scheme and be aw-abiding citizens of this country.

Mr. Salato also informed workers that with the upgrade and expansion of the In-country Recruitment Database(IRD) system, the LMU will be able to gather and process information and data to better informed policy decisions and execute operational matters.


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