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The Economic Stimulus Package Review and Monitoring Work Commences

ESP Enumerator, Mr.Andrew Arahatara conducted an ESP pilot Review & monitoring questionnaire.

A total of 20 officers have completed a pilot survey this week in communities around Honiara and Guadalcanal.

The pilot survey was done to test the overall questionnaires among communities in Honiara and Guadalcanal such as Lungga, Henderson, Tamboko, Vura and Kakabona communities.


Plans are also underway for the officers to be deployed soon to take up the task of monitoring and evaluation of projects under the Economic Stimulus Package.

Travel arrangements are currently being finalised for the identified provinces.

It is confirmed that Choiseul, Honiara, Guadalcanal and Western Provinces will be the first provinces to be covered and eventually followed by Isabel and Malaita Provinces.

The team will spend 1 month in each provinces with three groups of five enumerators and a team leader to be deployed.

The 20 officers are mainly recent graduates and are jointly funded by the Asia DevelopmentBank and the Solomon Islands Government.

The Democratic Coalition Government for Advancement is fully committed to the successful implementation and delivery of its policy priorities in the interest of economic empowerment and national stability.



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